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We are sure you willl love Hobbytex, just as our thousands of happy customers have done for 50 years!

  • I am hooked. I purchased your special from the 'Yellow envelope' on Friday. Firstly, thank you for your prompt shipping! I started on my book marks today and I absolutely love it. Melissa  Longbottom NSW
  • Really love doing Hobbytex Yvonne Woodbrook WA
  • I have always liked Hobbytex and wanted to do it for myself and family Paula Law Qld
  • This is the third generation using Hobbytex.(My two granddaughters) Thank you for the excellent service. ------Jane Miles, Isle Of Man
  • My Mother has used Hobbytex paints in the past. She really enjoyed using them. I look forward to my mother getting back to her painting. ------ Heather Harper, England
  • I loved Hobbytex as a child, and would love the opportunity for my three girls to join the craze! ------ Louise Binney VIC
  • I remember your brand when I was a little girl -it's good to see you are still around. ------Michelle, NSW
  • I would like to give this a go...------ Lisa, New Zealand
  • I LOVE HOBBYTEX IT'S THE BEST ----- Judy, Maylands
  • I got into this way of painting over 25yrs ago and its fantastic and extremely rewarding. ----Mum
  • Fantastic Hobbytex ------Susan , NSW
  • I remember my grandmother doing unimaginable artwork for us grandchildren with Hobbytex. What fantastic memories this site has brought back. ------ Casey , WA
  • I was immensely happy with my Hobbytex and would easily lose myself in countless hours of sheer enjoyment and please. I don't know if either of my children will enjoy Hobbytex as much as I did. But i do know they will thoroughly enjoy their first Hobbytex project just as much as i did. ------ P O'Brien, SA
  • I have been looking for it on and off for years. I opened an envelope in my junk mail and discovered an ad for Hobbytex. I'm pleased i opened the junk mail this time. I am interested in getting back into Hobbytex------Sally, NSW
  • I used to love sitting down with my mum as a young girl and seeing what we could create on tshirts and pillowcases. Many happy memories. Would love to create memories like this for my own children. Good to see you are still in business as I have been looking for Hobbytex paint just in the last couple of months. ------ Lisa, Dandenong North
  • Enjoyed Hobbytex for years ------Annette, Frankston North VICTORIA
  • I Grew Up Doing Hobbytex. Loved It and Just Recently Got Back Into Painting. Going Through The Site I Was Happy To See I Can Start Buying Paints N Get More To Do :) e ------ Cindymay,Woolongong
  • I love Hobbytex. My mum and I always had parties, but i haven't heard of Hobbytex for a while, now i know i can't wait to receive your brochures ------ Donna, Thomastown
  • I would love to receive a brochure to browse through as I would like to re-live my childhood and complete a couple of projects. Thanks -----Cathy, PLUMPTON NSW

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