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Vogart Half size tubes 12ml
Perfect beginners and for older kids!


Paint colours

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Questions (4)
Are the vogart paints exactly the same as hobbytex paints? and if so, why is the name different?

Hi Pat, thank you for your question. Yes the Vogart paint is the same paint as inside the regular Hobbytex tubes. We only have a different name to distinguish them because they are only half the size. They are little 12ml tubes instead of large 25g. They have the same tip and dome as well. As they are smaller, they are cheaper so it makes it easy for customers to buy the set of 12 colours without the expense of the larger tubes. They are also ideal for older kids and teenagers to start using the paints as they are easier and lighter to hold. Regards Jenny

Do you need to heat set the ink once you've finished the artwork?

Hi there, thanks for your question. As Hobbytex paint is spirit-based paint, it is very fast drying and permanent. You don't need to heat set the fabric paint but you should leave it for at least 72 hours after painting, before washing if needed. Then you can iron the reverse side if you wish. Regards Jenny.

Is it safe to use Hobbytex on neoprene? I want to label a wetsuit an am not sure if the solvent in the Hobbytex paint will be Ok.

Hi, thanks for your question. We haven't used Hobbytex on neoprene before. It will definitely go onto it, you can use a Jumbo Tip or paint brush if needed. I think you should test it on a spare piece or on the inside first. I expect it will be fine as its fine on all other synthetic materials. You may need to do a couple of coats on the dark fabric, allowing to dry overnight between coats as the paint will be absorbed by the fabric on the first coat. It would be great if you could let me know how you go so we can pass the info onto others :-). Best regards

Are these paints suitable for fabrics - can one mix them to make different colours?

Yes they are designed for use on fabrics. They also go on most other surfaces like wood, plastic, glass etc. These half-sized tubes are the same paint as the larger tubes and also come with a ball-point tip. You can use the paint directly from the tip and blend colours as you apply them or alternatively unscrew the tip and squeeze out some paint and mix the colours on a palette. The paint is a spirit-based paint so dilute as required with the TipCleaner/Thinners not water.

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