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Tips x 25
Pack of 25 Replacement Ball Point Tips

Item: 1651
Product Description
If you have lots of Hobbytex Paints that need new ball-point tips then this pack of 25 is for you.
It's much more economical to buy them in packs of 25. Also available in packs of 3 and 10.
Great for getting all your old paints working again!
See also the Stylus/Tip Wrench (1616) for easily removing old tips and putting on the new ones.
You can even soak the old tips in Tip Cleaner (1602 and 1628) using the Tip Bath Kit (1622) and re-use them at another time.
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Questions (2)
Hi I have been offered a heap of old Hobbytek paints and was wondering if I could just use mineral turps or methalated spirits or acetone (nailpolish remover) to clean the tips? I just want my daughter to have a go first before buying a heap of accessories in case she doesn't go on with it. Thanks for your time :)

Hi, thanks for your question regarding the Hobbytex Ball-Point Tips. We supply Tip Cleaner (1602 small & 1628 large) which is a thinners to help keep the nylon tips clean whilst using them. It is a white spirit. We suggest you wipe the tips clean after using them with a cloth dampened with the thinners, before storing the paints in an upright position with the tip pointing down. However, if the paints are very old, the spirit-based paint may have gone hard in the tip and it will be very hard to clean them. It is much better to simply replace the tips with new ones. If you unscrew the tip, and the paint flows freely, then they should work well with a new tip on them. Hope this helps, regards Jenny

My mother has a lot of old artex paints which look the same as your product, they haven,t been used for years but the paint still seems to be ok but the tips arn't working. Would your tips fit the artex pens or is their some way I could free up the tips she has. Any advise would be appreciated. Thank you Dianne

Hi Dianne, thanks for your question. Yes the Hobbytex tips are designed to fit the old Artex paints. If you take off the old tip, squeeze a small amount of paint out to see if its still ok and simply screw in a new Hobbytex tip. Then, keep the tips wiped clean with a small amount of Tip Cleaner/thinners before you put away the paints after use.

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