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Australia Cloth
A great gift idea to send overseas!
Item: 2819
Christmas Rose Tablecloth
Beautiful white roses and holly
Item: 6735
Daisy Chain Tablecloth
Item: 2930
Palm Tablecloth
Splendid palm fronds with lattice
Item: 2724
Strawberry Patch Table Cloth
Item: 2852
Summer Days Tablecloth
New for entertaining this Summer!
Item: 2535
Al Fresco Tablecloth
Create a casual, elegant and party-like atmosphere!
Item: 2726
Amber Coffee Cloth
Item: 2665
Australian Bush Floral Tablecloth
Item: 2719
Bamboo Tablecloth
Paint it in colours to match your decor
Item: 2746
Blue Birds Coffee Cloth
Item: 2947
Blue Wren Tablecloth
Back through popular demand!
Item: 2837
Camellia  Coffee Cloth
Item: 2706
Carnival Tablecloth
New cloth in big, bold colours!
Item: 2650
Crinoline Lady Tablecloth
An old favourite revisited
Item: 2952
Festive Fruit Tablecloth
Item: 6705
Fuchsia Tablecloth
Item: 2903
Garden Pansies Coffee Cloth
Simply stunning pansies!
Item: 2696

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